Let's Make Pretties!

Sock Doll Body Kit – STRIPED!

Price: $15.00

Stripes are so much fun – especially on sock dolls! These striped sock doll kits are in limited supply. To find other (non-striped) sock doll kits, click HERE.

Each kit contains:

  • one small (ladies size 9) sock, new and pre-washed
  • two pieces of additional sock parts (for the arms)
  • one bundle of fancy fibers and yarns (for the hair)
  • one 8.5” x 9” piece of self-adhesive wash-away stabilizer (for the face embroidery)
  • one 5″ x 8″ piece of sheer cut-away stabilizer (for attaching the hair)

Learn how to construct your sock doll by clicking HERE to read Evy’s “Sock Dolls” blog post.

Click HERE to find the doll face embroidery designs (both machine and hand), extra clothing patterns and more!


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