a Bit about Evy

Evy lives in sunny South Carolina with her husband, father-in-law, and Kitkat – the feline resident who actually rules the roost. Evy is the proud mama of three wonderful children and three darling grandbabies! She has been sewing since childhood. During the course of her career she has been a couturier (specializing in wedding and evening garments), a women’s wear designer, a freelance embroidery designer, the owner of a little fabric shop, a children’s wear designer/manufacturer and a graphic artist. Today she stays very busy and quite happy designing and digitizing her own line of embroidery designs and creating projects, patterns and other fun stuff! Evy’s favorite machines to work with are made by Baby Lock. She is especially fond of their Sashiko machine. For the past several years, her daughter Rachelle has joined the business and is running the website… for which Evy is very thankful!

(Yes, there are thread snips and fabric scraps littering the house, porch, and walkway leading to Evy’s studio… the neighbors are very long suffering and patient and so is her family!)

All of Evy’s designs originate from her own artwork, and they are digitized by Evy herself.

A long time ago, Evy had a dear old Irish aunt who taught her the love of sewing by making her exquisite things for her dolls and showing her how she did it. She learned that “shark tooth” stitches were not acceptable… only tiny, even back-stitching would do. Sometimes – when enthusiasm got in the way of neatness – Evy’s auntie would have to remind her, “Little stitches, Evy dear, just take a little BIT of stitch!” The name of Evy’s business is in honor of this sweet, talented lady, and a reminder of how kind teachers can inspire us to do great things.

Evy travels and teaches throughout the United States as well as online at The Sewing Collection and Sew Ed Classes. Click HERE to view those online classes!

Check out the Articles in Print page. Oh, my goodness – so many pretties to read about!

Evy with one of her favorite machines!

Evy’s oldest daughter – Rachelle – hard at work making kits!

Kitkat loves her mama!

The grandbabies – Desmond, Kate & Marlow!

Evy’s youngest daughter – Lydia – gets roped into kitting too!

A lot of natural light in the studio!

FIL, husband, mother, and son & family!

Rachelle perusing Evy’s trunk show… so many pretties!

Evy DOES tidy up once in a while!