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Evy’s Ivy

Price: $18.00

Ivy frames and borders! This set includes 12 machine embroidery designs sized for various hoops. There are two oval ivy frames – one sized for the 6×10 hoop, the other sized for the 8×8 hoop; four circle ivy frames sized for the 5×7, 6×10, 8×8 and 9.5×14 hoops; three ivy border designs sized for the 4×4, 5×7 and 6×10 hoops; two ivy scallop designs (created to be joined end-to-end snugly) sized for the 5×7 hoop; and one double ivy scallop design sized for the 9.5×14 hoop. For exact design sizes, see DETAILS below.

The borders and the scallops may be joined end-to-end to create longer continuous borders for your projects.

NOTE—As shown on some of our sample projects, the two oval ivy wreaths fit perfectly inside the large and extra-large Dainty Doilies, and the small and medium circle ivy wreaths fit into the Dainty Doilies Round! The other projects shown in the gallery include designs from the following sets: Farm Animals, Curly Line Letters, Queen Bee, and Flowers Tea Set (from the Take Time for Tea collection).


Earn up to 18 Points.

These designs are automatically available as a download. The option to request a CD or USB may be selected at checkout.

In addition to the 12 design files, the zip file download contains a PDF with stabilizer suggestions and PDF design templates to print. 

Hoop size requirements: 4×4, 5×7, 6×10, 8×8 and 9.5×14

Exact design sizes:

Ivy Border Double – 1.01” x 6.8″
Ivy Border Single – 1” x 3.48” 
Ivy Border Triple – 1.01” x 10.15”

Ivy Oval LG – 6.49” x 7.64” 
Ivy Oval SM – 5.3” x 6.28” 

Ivy Scallop A – 2.36” x 7.01” 
Ivy Scallop B – 2.07” x 6.78” 
Ivy Scallops – 2.36” x 13.70” 

Ivy Wreath LG – 7.56” x 7.52” 
Ivy Wreath MED – 6.18” x 6.2″
Ivy Wreath SM – 5” x 5.04″
Ivy Wreath XLG – 9.19” x 9.24”