Pretty Little Blouse

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Take a peek at Evy making the Pretty Little Blouse featured in Classic Sewing magazine’s Summer 2022 issue!

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  • I really enjoyed watching the construction of this beautiful blouse. BTW, I cannot believe how grown your beautiful grand daughter appears, she is lovely. Would you share the pattern source? I went and looked to see if was to be the pattern associated with the magazine but cannot see which pattern is going to be with this specific issue.

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it. That pattern is one of my own. The instructions are in the “Pretty Little Blouse” article in Classic Sewing’s Summer 2022 issue, and the blouse pattern is included in the pattern packet that comes with that issue! P.S. That beautiful redhead is one of my “borrowed” granddaughters. My own grandkids aren’t quite so big yet, thank goodness! 😉

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