Let's Make Pretties!

Big Girl Panties

Price: $12.00

Okay, girls… let’s tell it like is! Have you ever had one of these days? I know I sure have! Poke a bit of fun at yourself and stitch out this tongue-in-cheek saying on a tea towel, apron, wall hanging, pillow or just a panel to frame. It will be sure to get a chuckle or two when folks pass by and might just make YOU smile when you’re having “one of those days.” 

This project includes the machine embroidery designs and – just for fun – the hand embroidery pattern too! The pillow shown was made using the hand embroidery version. The apron and the wall hanging shown were made using the machine embroidery design.

The machine embroidery designs include three separate floral motifs plus the saying. The design with the entire saying is sized 8.87″ x 10″, but it is also provided split into two parts that will each fit in a 6×10 hoop.

Note! The hand embroidery pattern may also be purchased separately – click HERE!


Earn up to 12 Points.

These designs are automatically available as a download. The option to request a CD or USB may be selected at checkout.

Design templates to print for the designs are included for your convenience. Print them out and use with your hoop grid to correctly position and hoop your fabric. (Read the Borderline Crazy post on Evy’s blog to find out more about using your hoop grid and printed templates!)

The hand embroidery patterns include black and white design images to print out and trace onto your project fabric using a water-soluble pen. Mirror image designs are also included for those of you who wish to print them on transfer paper, Sulky’s printable wash-away paper or to trace with a transfer pen. The instructions include several hand embroidery techniques, illustrated and explained step by step.

Hoop size requirements: 6×10