Buttonholes in the Hoop!

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Learn how easy it is to make buttonholes with your embroidery machine and achieve perfect placement every time! CLICK HERE to find the “Buttonholes in the Hoop” designs!

3 replies on “Buttonholes in the Hoop!”

  • I am going to do buttonholes like this tonight. I embroidered the sample last night.

    What is the pattern for the sweet jumper your granddaughter is wearing? The shape is such a classic!

    I am so glad you demonstrated this on the altair. I own its twin cousin, the Brother StellaireXE1, so seeing you do this is exactly what I’ll be doing for my embroidery.

    Your friend,
    She_stitched_this (Instagram)

    • Thank you so much for the kind words! 😀 I haven’t actually made an official pattern yet (I just made that dress “on the fly”), but as several people have asked for it, that’s on my to-do list now! It will be a downloadable pattern at some point. Just keep an eye on the newsletter if you want to find out when it’s available. Thanks again!

  • I love the idea of making buttonholes on my embroidery machine. Unfortunately, both my embroidery machines are quite old so I don’t know if I can do this without actually digitizing the buttonholes myself, but trust me I am going to look into this as I HATE making out buttonholes and trying to space them out exactly! Thank you so very, very much for this video, I am also interested in the darling, classic jumper you made your granddaughter. I have looked for a pattern like this in a 18 month up to size 10 in my old stash and in the pattern books and there isn’t anything like it! have a great Holiday Season!

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