Let's Make Pretties!


Price: $30.00

Elegant with a vintage feel, these 30 floral designs are perfect for so many projects! This set includes various borders with OR without a lightly “beaded” (candlewick) frame. All of the border pieces may be arranged end-to-end to create a continuous border to fit your project.

The shorter, straight floral pieces are perfect for stand-alone bits on bodices, collars, and cuffs—or, if you flip the designs, they too may be joined end-to-end to create interesting borders.

There are three oval and three circle frames perfectly sized to showcase another design, monogram or lettering. Also included are two small floral pieces (sized for petite placements) and two versions of a neckline arrangement. The Rosalina Neckline Left and Rosalina Neckline Right pieces are well suited for the front necklines of jackets or button front shirts. The Rosalina Jewel Neckline piece easily fits under most jewel or crew necklines.

For design sizes, see DETAILS below.

NOTE! Many of our sample projects were made using designs from Fancy Fills as the background for the Rosalina embroidery—the bodice of the little blue dress, the felt notebook cover, the fabric-covered box lid, and the white sash with the blue floral border. (That sash also shows a leaf border from Heirloom Lace framing the Rosalina border.) The “L” on the black zipper pouch is from Zora’s Font, accented with a tiny rose edited from this set. That black pouch and the pink clutch were quilted with designs from Cheat Sheets. The clutch was given a cutwork scalloped edge from Tea Towel Cutwork Hems, and the fancy monogram shown within the Rosalina wreath on the flap is a design from Fiori Script. The golden/cream oval-shaped table doily was made using a design from Dainty Doilies.


Earn up to 30 Points.

These designs are automatically available as a download. The option to request a CD or USB may be selected in your shopping cart.

Along with the 30 designs, the zip file download also includes PDF design templates to print as well as PDF instructions with fabric & stabilizer suggestions, color charts, images of the designs, and a few tips from the designer. 😉

Design size details:

  • Oval wreaths are 4.06″ x 4.83″ (small), 5.02″ x 6.15″ (medium), and 6.83″ x 7.93″ (large).
  • Circle wreaths are 3.65″ x 3.63″ (small), 5.02″ x 5.02″ (medium), and 6.10″ x 6.10″ (large).  
  • Jewel neckline designs are 6.17″ x 8.85″ (full neckline), 3.44″ x 9.92″ (neckline left), and 3.44″ x 9.92″ (neckline right).
  • Beaded shallow scallop borders (1.28″ wide) are 2.42″, 6.93″, 7.05″, 9.20″ and 9.43″ long.
  • Non-beaded shallow scallop borders (0.78″ wide) are 2.34″, 6.83″, 7.02″, 9.07″, 9.37″, 11.07″ and 11.71″ long.
  • Floral straight borders/pieces (0.70″ wide) are 3.87″, 4.42″, 6.53″ and 8.22″ long.
  • Deep scallops are 2.42″ x 4.78″ (small scallop), 3.45″ x 7.89″ (large scallop), and 2.42″ x 9.53″ (double scallop).
  • Tiny floral pieces are 1.76″ x 0.57″ and 1.43″ x 0.85″.