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Undercover Material (Black)

Price: $4.50

Undercover Material in black! This product is great to use when stitching dark colored fill areas on white or brightly colored backgrounds. Using it will prevent background fabric show-through and keep your dark thread fill stitch areas sharp and clear!

This undercover material is 100% nylon cut-away. You can purchase a 15″ x 15″ piece here.  

How to use cut-away undercover material: Just place the material over the area where the fill design will stitch. Allow ONLY the outline stitching (usually the beginning of the underlay stitching) to sew. Stop the machine and cut the thread. Then trim away the undercover material as close as possible to the stitching outline. (Use THESE little trimming Snips for best results when trimming!)

PLEASE NOTE – This product does not tear away like the white Undercover Material does, so it needs to be trimmed before the design is completely stitched and therefore works best with designs that have a fully outlined underlay.

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