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Sheer Cut-Away Fusible Stabilizer

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36″ x 60″ – a nice BIG piece!

Use this stabilizer with light to medium knit and woven fabrics. This product is perfect for projects that require a permanent stabilizer without altering the drape or appearance of the fabric. Apply to the wrong side of the project fabric with a dry iron (the shiny side is the fusible side); some irons may require the use of a press cloth while applying. When applying to projects for which most of the stabilizer must be removed after the embroidery is complete, fuse lightly so you will be able to easily peel up and trim away the excess later.

Note! This is also a great product to use when removing the background fabric beneath appliqué designs to prevent fabric show-through. To learn about this technique, read Evy’s blog post “Appliqué Pop!” 

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