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Wash-Away Self-Adhesive Stabilizer

Price: $22.50

Wash-away stabilizer that is self-adhesive is a necessity when making in-the-hoop projects that need totally security while in the hoop but will be finished with no stabilizer showing anywhere. Embroidery projects that have cutwork or open lace options and projects with parts that are created to be double-sided or three-dimensional all require a stabilizer that will hold the fabric firmly and yet can be completely removed. Self-adhesive stabilizers can be tricky, though, because the stickiness can cause excessive thread breakage and gummy needles. I hunted high and low to find this stabilizer and it meets my picky “least stress possible” requirements! This stabilizer causes the least thread breakages and messy needle messes that I’ve found yet. It also washes away cleanly, clearly and leaves no residue or stiffness. Best of all, we managed to get it in 15” wide rolls so it will fit even the great big hoops with very little waste!

Each roll contains 15″ x 5 yards of stabilizer.

Here’s a list of some projects that I’ve used this stabilizer for – check them out! Cutwork Feather Tutorial, Frame It, Hankie Dainties, Sea Breezy, Medallion Cutwork, Pansy Lace, Scallop Cutwork Borders, Windowfil Designs, and Winged

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