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Soft Tear-Away Fusible Stabilizer

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I’m very excited to be able to offer you this stabilizer! After a searching for a few years, I finally found a place that is still making this soft, fusible tear-away stabilizer. One of the downsides of most fusible tear-away stabilizers is removing them. They do not always come away as easily as they should. This can depend on the fabric they have been applied to, but usually it is a combination of the fusible glue and type of paper used. This stabilizer, however, removes super easily from nearly all fabrics, tearing away cleanly and with very little resistance. This is a great big positive – especially when embroidering designs with lots of detailing or delicate areas like fancy fills and bean stitching. Washing will remove any remaining bits, if desired.

This fusible tear-away stabilizer is lightweight yet easily supports fill stitch designs. Two layers should be used for column stitching (satin stitching) or especially dense designs.

Each roll contains 20″ x 2 yd of stabilizer.

PLEASE NOTE – This product is made from recycled paper; it is not always even, and sometimes it has bits of fiber or white patches. However, this will not hinder its use.

Apply this stabilizer with a hot, dry iron and fuse until it is well-adhered. (The stabilizer is packaged with the fusible side rolled to the inside. You’ll notice that one side is matte while the other side has a shine. The side with the shine is the fusible side. Place that side against the wrong side of your project fabric.

Large scraps may be re-used if they will still fuse. Make sure to overlap them when applying.

Remember, for best results you should always apply fusible tear-away stabilizer over an area LARGER than the hoop you are using. Make sure the hoop encloses only stabilized fabric.

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