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Sheer Cut-Away Stabilizer

Price: $12.00

36″ x 60″ – a nice BIG piece!

Use this stabilizer with light to medium knit and woven fabrics. This product is perfect for projects that require a permanent stabilizer without altering the drape or appearance of the fabric. This product is NOT FUSIBLE (to find the fusible version, click HERE), so it should be used for project fabrics that will not stretch or move in the hoop (such as the felt used for the Gingerbread House and Bless You House). Evy also likes to use this Sheer Cut-Away Stabilizer along with Soft Loft Fusible Stabilizer to create wonderful stability for projects that are pieced and stippled/quilted in the hoop* (for instance, all of the projects in the “Coasters & Mug Rugs” shopping category).

*Since the Soft Loft Fusible adheres to the Sheer Cut-Away, the Sheer Cut-Away does not need to be fusible.

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