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Turkey Finger Puppet

“Run, run, as fast as you can, you can’t catch me – I’m… Tom the turkey?”Okay, getting my holiday jingles crossed here but if there ever was a good line for a turkey around Thanksgiving it would be that one, ha! Here’s a turkey that won’t have to skedaddle – make this fine fellow from felt and […]

Boo Shirt

Sewing for children is SO much fun! (Especially when they’re too little to complain about what you make for them, ha!) It’s been a few, ahem, years since I’ve had the pleasure of sewing for a little one belonging to me, so I’ve been polishing up my rusty sewing-for-bitty-bodies skills again. I love knits for kids. (And me too, for […]

Have a Hearty Halloween!

Make a pretty with me today! The weather is turning (maybe, possibly, hopefully) a little bit brisk here in SC and that puts me in the mood for sewing something new for the house. AND, Sassy and I have not had much time to play lately so I needed, ahem, to remind her that I […]

Amazing Applique!

Appliqué, appliqué – how do I love thee? Let me count the ways… You let me cover ground fast. (That means bigger statement, less time!) You let me use up my precious scrap bits that I cannot seem to throw away. (Which makes the pack-rat in me say “see I KNEW you’d need that one day!”) AND, when I […]

Going Undercover!

Let’s go undercover! (Yep, I’m shamelessly exploiting my grandson’s cuteness here, and isn’t he the cutest? Pardon this grandma, please – she just can’t help herself!) Have you ever stitched a white snowman on a red shirt and ended up with a pink snowman? Or have you ever stitched a pretty appliqué or embroidery design […]

Pretty in Pink! Tablet Case

I’m on a roll here making stuff for myself. I know! What a change of pace! How about you? Do you manage to find time to make yourself a pretty or two now and then? Well, why not? I hereby give you permission to make yourself a pretty something today! I decided that I needed a […]

Last Minute Laundry Bag!

It’s that time again for me – packing my suitcase. At the last minute, as usual, yikes! And once more I am wishing I had a pretty laundry bag to take with me. I mean, really. It’s as if I can’t sew or something. My sister in-law, clever girl that she is, made herself one […]

Hanging off the Edge!

Hanging off the edge! Most days I’m doing this. Literally. How about you? All I can say is it’s a good thing I have sharp pointy things I can stab in place and hang on to – ha! Well, I do like to live on the edge, what can I say?  🙂 Okay, enough silliness, […]

Scrappy Quilt (Part 3)

So, got those blocks all sewn together and quilted? Yep – I’m sure you do, heh! Time to finish this baby up. This last part is one of those “favorite/not-favorite at all” parts for me. It’s my favorite because this is the home stretch which means I’m ALMOST DONE! And it’s my not-favorite because it requires […]

Scrappy Quilt (Part 2)

I know you’ve made some scrappy blocks, right? RIGHT????!!!! (If not, then read Part 1 first!) Now you are ready to make a scrappy quilt top. In this post, we’ll join our blocks and quilt the quilt! You will need: Fabric for your quilt back – I cut mine approximately 1” larger all around than the size […]

Scrappy Quilt (Part 1)

PLEASE NOTE: The free design download for this blog post has expired, BUT the designs are now for sale (including all four block patterns) – click HERE to find them! Got scraps? Ha! Ask a silly question! This project is pretty cool because it let’s you use up some of those scraps I just know you […]