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Heart Sachet

Did you know your embroidery machine can “sew” in the hoop? Yep. Not only does your machine do lovely embroidery, but it also can SEW things together for you – right in the hoop! (Now if it would just do my ironing too, ha!) This is a fun, calorie free, sugarless Valentine treat, and it’s for YOU. […]

Borderline Crazy!

Does the thought of embroidering continuous designs all lined up perfectly make you borderline crazy? I know. Hooping is perhaps one of the hardest parts of embroidery. There are about a million hoop aid things etc. floating around in the great embroidery ’sphere, and some of them are quite awesome. However you probably have everything […]

Turkey Finger Puppet

“Run, run, as fast as you can, you can’t catch me – I’m… Tom the turkey?”Okay, getting my holiday jingles crossed here but if there ever was a good line for a turkey around Thanksgiving it would be that one, ha! Here’s a turkey that won’t have to skedaddle – make this fine fellow from felt and […]

Nitpicky Knits – Embroidery Tips!

Sewing for children is SO much fun! (Especially when they’re too little to complain about what you make for them, ha!) It’s been a few, ahem, years since I’ve had the pleasure of sewing for a little one belonging to me, so I’ve been polishing up my rusty sewing-for-bitty-bodies skills again. I love knits for kids. (And me too, for […]

Have a Hearty Halloween!

Make a pretty with me today! The weather is turning (maybe, possibly, hopefully) a little bit brisk here in SC and that puts me in the mood for sewing something new for the house. AND, Sassy and I have not had much time to play lately so I needed, ahem, to remind her that I […]

Amazing Applique!

Appliqué, appliqué – how do I love thee? Let me count the ways… You let me cover ground fast. (That means bigger statement, less time!) You let me use up my precious scrap bits that I cannot seem to throw away. (Which makes the pack-rat in me say “see I KNEW you’d need that one day!”) AND, when I […]

Going Undercover!

Let’s go undercover! (Yep, I’m shamelessly exploiting my grandson’s cuteness here, and isn’t he the cutest? Pardon this grandma, please – she just can’t help herself!) Have you ever stitched a white snowman on a red shirt and ended up with a pink snowman? Or have you ever stitched a pretty appliqué or embroidery design […]

Pretty in Pink! Tablet Case

I’m on a roll here making stuff for myself. I know! What a change of pace! How about you? Do you manage to find time to make yourself a pretty or two now and then? Well, why not? I hereby give you permission to make yourself a pretty something today! I decided that I needed a […]

Last Minute Laundry Bag!

It’s that time again for me – packing my suitcase. At the last minute, as usual, yikes! And once more I am wishing I had a pretty laundry bag to take with me. I mean, really. It’s as if I can’t sew or something. My sister in-law, clever girl that she is, made herself one […]

Hanging off the Edge!

Hanging off the edge! Most days I’m doing this. Literally. How about you? All I can say is it’s a good thing I have sharp pointy things I can stab in place and hang on to – ha! Well, I do like to live on the edge, what can I say?  🙂 Okay, enough silliness, […]

Sashiko Quilting Tips

Do you have a quilt top just waiting to be quilted? Want to quilt it with your Baby Lock Sashiko machine? 🙂 Follow along with me while I show you my favorite Sashiko quilting tips! If you haven’t already made your quilt sandwich, you will need: Just so you know, I pressed all my seam […]