Monogram Your Pots!



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Monogrammed pots!

I’ve been saving these beautiful pots for just the right project and today, after knocking all the sewing stuff off my table for the fifth time, decided they had a much needed task to do – organize my cutting table! I don’t know about you, but when I’m working on something I tend to fling my toys – er, TOOLS – around a lot. Then when I need what I just had in my hand I can’t find it because it’s under something or has already rolled off the edge. Voila! Now I have Sewing Pots of Pretty for my STUFF!

You can find these pots and lots of other fun stuff at Design Imports. They have really nice products and all sorts of cool things that you can actually get IN the hoop too, ha!

So, want to monogram a pot today? Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • Ceramic pots (any kind, ceramic, glass or terracotta)
  • Machine appliqué embroidery designs (appropriately sized for your pots, I used my Curly Appliqué Alphabet designs and re-sized them 20% smaller)
  • Appliqué fabric backed with fusible web (I used Riley Blake fabrics)
  • Silk organza (in a color that will fade into the pot, I used white)
  • Embroidery thread
  • Very small, very sharp cutting scissors with curved blades (I used my Snips)
  • Temporary spray adhesive (I like 505)
  • Permanent spray adhesive (Super 77 by 3M)
  • A wooden skewer
  • Sheets of paper
  • Good music and a cuppa something tasty (heh!)

Hoop two layers of silk organza. Make it nice and flat, smooth and wrinkle free. No flopping fabric. I used silk organza because it trims very cleanly, doesn’t whisker, is really sturdy, is super flexible and doesn’t add bulk. Back your appliqué fabric with fusible web and fire up your mini-iron.

Fuse the applique fabric to the hooped organza before stitching the final satin stitch finishing edge. (Note, if you use polyester organza, skip this step! You might melt the organza in the hoop too.) If you need a brush up on applique, click HERE to read my applique tutorial.

Complete the applique. I also added tiny designs from my Petites collection to the letters just for fun. 😀

Clean up the back, trimming away all the excess bits of thread.

Un-hoop and cut out the letter, trimming as close as possible to the satin stitched edge.

Spray one side of a sheet of paper lightly with temporary spray adhesive. Press the letters, wrong side up, onto the sticky paper. This keeps them from lifting and flipping while you spray on the permanent adhesive.

Go outside and spray the wrong side of the letters with an even coat of permanent spray adhesive. I love Super 77 by 3M. Mostly because it doesn’t become permanent for a while so you have time to change your mind if you need to. Don’t forget to turn the can upside down and spray away from you until the bottle sprays just air. (That will keep the nozzle clean for next time and you’ll be so glad you did that.)

Apply the letter to the pot. Use the point of a wooden skewer to poke in any whiskers of organza or over-sprayed glue along the edges. Use the flat end to tamp down any places too tiny to use your fingers for. Press the design firmly to the pot.

Let it dry!

The perfect catch-all! Sturdy enough not to tip over and big enough to hold lots of junk.

And if you really want to, you can actually put a plant in it!

Visit my website to see more “I can’t believe you put embroidery on that” photos. Nothing really is safe from me and my embroidery machine you know! 😉

Designs shown above:  Isabella Collection and Little Bird Scrolls

Thanks for reading – I hope you enjoy this project!


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