Baby Lock Love of Sewing Challenge Part 4



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It’s been so much fun participating in Baby Lock’s Love of Sewing Challenge this week. Miss Destiny and I have had a wonderful time making beautiful borders! I hope you try it out and see for yourself just how quickly the Destiny II can make this seemingly complicated task SO simple. No more guesswork; just click that connect button!

Just for fun, here are a few more photos because seriously, y’all, Baby Kate was just too cute in her little fancy princess dress. Besides…photographing a toddler is hard work – got to take advantage of all the good photos!

First we had to catch Kate and she was like – ready, set, go!

She’s a master escape artist…

And then we had to actually keep her in one spot.

Rachelle was pretty much in charge of catch and release and re-catch. She did a great job and – whew – thankfully is young enough to be faster than Kate.

I couldn’t resist putting a border along the top of Kate’s little dress. And making a faux leather gold metallic bow for a wee crown! 

The day was beautiful, perfect weather. Only one problem: it was HOT. Oh my goodness. Wouldn’t you know I had planned on the girls wearing faux FUR coats with their sparkly gold printed outfits. We did get a few fast pics before the melt down.

I had been saving this blue faux fur for just the right project for these dearies because – look! – it exactly matches their eyes!

Des was rather taken with the fur. He announced that Gramma needed to use it to make a blanket for him! 😊 He wanted to get in on the action too, little monkey. Usually you point a camera at him and he scoots!

The corset belt covers a knit band elastic waist. This gives the wearer some growing room. (Important when you’re making samples possibly to be worn by different girls!) I applied fusible woven interfacing to the lining. Then I sewed the lining and gold print fabric right sides together along the top edge. Next, I turned the belt right side out and embroidered the border through both layers along the bottom edge. I then finished the two back edges and added the button holes. 

It looks really nice peeking out from under the jacket – of course the jacket was too hot to wear, but high-waist skirts are in fashion again, right?

It was way too much fun making borders and zapping them together with that Connect Tool. I had to invent a DOUBLE border to really give Miss Destiny a work out. I was totally mind blown. Perfect placement. Every. Single. Time. (Fair warning, dear friends: Once you’ve played with Destiny II, you are going to “need” her to come stay with you!)

Want to see the whole border collection I used? Click HERE to find them.

Okay, that’s it, I’ll stop with the photos. (Yes, I have more, but I’m sparing you!)

This was an amazing adventure right from the kickoff at the very beginning of this twelve week challenge. To see the rest of the projects from the Sewlebrity Love of Sewing Challenge, click HERE and scroll down to select each of the participants. So much fun!

Thanks for reading!



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  • I really love how the border design is echoed on the dress bodice and the corset belt… I also love the idea of a corset belt and the adjustable it makes things!

    • Thank you! This was a really fun project to make. It’s so satisfying to get to make a fancy thing now and then!

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